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Hi there,

I’m currently working on a computer vision application and the idea was to use an NVIDIA ORIN AGX to deploy it on the edge, real time. The development is intended to identify small defects (down to 1-2mm), so a resolution of approx. 4pixels/mm is needed for a 4m width space – therefore I was thinking of 4 cameras (with at least 4MP on the x-axis) in line. I’ve built a first prototype with a cheaper system (RPi + DepthAI OAK1 Camera) and the goal was to use now an NVIDIA ORIN AGX with these 4 to 6 cameras – I’m having a hard time finding the ideal cameras for the application…

Can anybody please help with some recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

I have moved your post to the Jetson AGX Orin forum area, the community here will be in a better position to respond to your question.

Suppose you can try Pi V2(imx219)
However, you may need consult with camera vendor to check if have transfer connector for it.

Any comments on a configuration such as the one below?
Would such a PCIe interface card work with the ORIN AGX?


Suppose should be able support it. But didn’t verify it ever.


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