Camera sometime can not get image

our configure is ar0231 + isp + max96705 + max96712 to get the camera video。

We can configure the camera normally and also obtain images normally。 However, in very rare cases, it may seem that it is easy to configure the camera and get the image at first, but after a period of time (which is not specifically counted, it may be several minutes or several hours), I suddenly find that I cannot get the image. I turned on the debug mode I used the v4l-ctl tool to retrieve images and recorded some trace logs。 Can you help me see some issues from the log? The above two files, one is a log that can access images, and the other is a log that cannot access images for analysis

cam3拿不到图.txt (2.0 MB)

cam3正常拿图.txt (984.8 KB)

hello mmcly,

may I also know which JetPack release version you’re used?
BTW, what’s the scenario to make camera cannot get image, for example, is it due to connector getting loose?

@JerryChang thank you for your reply

jetpack 5.0.2

I am unable to confirm whether it is a hardware wiring harness connection issue or a software issue that is causing the inability to obtain images That’s why I want to share the corresponding debug information for your analysis. From the on-site situation, we do have multiple cameras experiencing this problem, but the problem is not as frequent

hello mmcly,

there’s no CHANSEL_PXL_SOF and CHANSEL_PXL_EOF present on the VI tracing logs.
even though the hardware signal is coming, the root cause is channel select (i.e. CHANSEL) did not recognize start-of-frame and end-of-frame.

it looks like a stability issue,
you may upgrade the Jetpack release version to JP-5.1.1, or waiting for next public release for some bug fixes.

ok, thanks. we will try, and if there any new update, I will tell you

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