Can Audio Effects SDK remove real-time noise?


I am developing a WebRTC system.
I would like to be able to use NVIDIA Maxine’s Audio Effects SDK to remove audio noise on the server in real time.

When I read the material, I think that real-time processing is possible, but I’m worried if I can really do it because I couldn’t find a sample.

Is it possible to remove audio noise in real time using the Audio Effects SDK?
Also, do you have a sample to do that?

*I don’t speak English, so I rely on machine translation.

Hello, yes this is possible with the Audio Effects SDK today. The Audio Effects SDK can be used to process an audio stream in real time and with low latency that allows for real time applications.
I would recommend this blog, which goes into the details of the Audio Effects SDK: Achieving Noise-Free Audio for Virtual Collaboration and Content Creation Applications – NVIDIA Developer Blog

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