Tiny noise on hair with real-time RTX render


We have a custom realtime sss shader made, using the official Omniverse sss skinshader.

The skinshader is fine, as you can see:

But in the hair there is tiny noise, right above characters ears.
Can you see it? It might be something with the hair material opacity samples…

How can I alter the real-time settings / material settings of the hair to eliminate this noise?

There is also realtime rtx motion blur samples setting, does that effect on noise like this?

I have the new DLLS 3.5 denoiser ON. It makes everything so much better!

Here is another, faster render that is rendered in 3K and upscaled to 4K, so naturally this noise issue is even more stronger on this one:


we tried this with no motion blur. but that did not helped…

I must admit it looks amazing to me. I am not seeing what you are seeing, but there is obviously compression in the mp4.

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Thanks Richard!!

See here is a closeup of that 6000 px wide render:

I see it now. It looks like two surfaces are fighting. If you remove the hair and I am sure it would render clean, and vice versa. It could be a transparency problem. Maybe the hair has translucency with refraction. Try rendering in white mode and see if it appears.

Is this an asset you built or your bought ?

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excellent thought! tnx Richard. I test all those.

This a CC4 Kevin but with custom hair design form other asset add-on products they have. Exported from Character Creator CC4 with OV connector, all latest versions.

Niceeeeee! I recently started to play with Metahumans but their hair looks really bad in Composer…

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