Version Machinima 2021.1.1 - RealTime And Path Traced TEST - Water Effect Artifact in Path Traced

ear friends, I have been doing more render tests.
The RTX real-time render is fine and has almost no image artifacts.
@pekka.varis as experimented and I agree that rendering with dlss and some parameters improves rendering in realtime.The realtime rendering is instantaneous and fast.

In my case, the RTX path-trace mode creates image artifacts that look like a basin of water, especially bounces and light reflections. I have gotten to raise the samples to 10 and the subframes to 100 and the effect does not disappear. There is hardly any difference even if the quality is better.
I don’t understand this annoying water effect.
By doing tests I have deduced that the culprit is “denoising”.
By having the denosing turned off or at its maximum value “1”, the treble effect disappears, but logically the scene is filled with noise.Let’s say that denoising creates a kind of blend.