Noise on renderfarm

I found a great renderfarm, I make a tutorial about that next week.
We have been playing with settings like 2 weeks with them and yesterday I finally got myself inside and start rendering tests.

First of all, here is the test render that I made with my own RTX 2070 Super:

no motion blur, 250 samples, rendertime 1 min 20 sec / frame.

Light setup is explained here:

So my renderfarm machine was like this:

First of all I disabled these:
I learned this from test in another renderfarm:

But in this new renderfarm I am talking about here, they had Nvidia 512 game driver, not the Studio. I tried to update it to studio version but no success.

First render, with the same 250 samples settings came out like this:

My main issue / question is that why there is so much more noise?

Then I raised the render settings to this:

Samples per pixer per iteration (useful for multi-GPU): 800
Samples: 800
Motion blur / Subframes per frame: 10
This should basically give a noise free render, but no:

You can still see there is some noise, specially at her skin. Something to do with SSS maybe?

Finally, I rendered with same settings this 3K & Simple fog:

Its so clean!

Ok Nvidia rendering gurus… Can you help me to solve out the noise issues at this renderfarm? Do I send you this scene?

Hello @pekka.varis! I sent this over to the render farm team to take a look! I’ll post back here when I get more information!

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