Can deepstream source load data from gpu?

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I cannot directly load data from gpu, and use it on deepstream.

Is there any API, which could be called to solve this ?

Can you share your use case? Suppose appsrc can accept any source and then process it in the pipeline.

I want to display something on gpu directly rather than copy it to cpu.
I use opencv to read a mp4 file, and upload it to gpu.
Mat frame;
cap >> frame;
cv::cuda::GpuMat test;
How can I push the frames to pipeline?

Sorry for later response. Seems you need map the opencv Mat to Gstreamer gstbuffer and then send to pipeline with appsrc.

@493874761 Hello, can you let us know if you still need help, or should we close this topic? thanks.

I didn’t use the gstbuffer anymore.
Just closing this topic is ok.