Can I disable the kernel config for other Jetson SoCs?

I’m customizing the kernel config for Jetson AGX Xavier.
Can I disable these SoC’s kernel config?


Several other kernel configurations had been changed, and I was wondering if this was the correct way to change them.

I would suggest don’t remove any of them keep it default.


It might be useful to know that as new Jetsons are developed, that sometimes hardware is simply cloned from one release to the next. As an example, maybe the UART is the same even if there are more of them (one can completely redesign the silicon for the UART, but it is much easier to clone that silicon and make it available at a different physical address…the driver would be the same). Obviously the GPU changes on each release, but you probably find some shared silicon going back to well over a decade in the past even on the newest Jetsons.

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