Can i get the updated list of ethenet phy supported by Jetson Orin NX

Hi Team

Is there any the list of ethernet phy supported by Jetson Orin Series.
and also i would like to know I219-LM from Intel is supported by the Jetson Orin series.

I had seen a list for Xavier NX in one of the queries, i would like know whether the same will be supported by Orin NX too and is there any updated list of the same. If yes can you share that updated list.

The Ethernet PHY is integrated into the NX/nano modules. You can’t use your own, you MUST use the integrated one.

Hi fchkjwlsq

Thank you for your input but I am planning to use additional phy’s by converting pice to ethernet.

My requirement is a total 3 ethernet phy with 1gbps or above speed.

So I would like to get the list of the supported phy’s. So that I can select a suitable one.

Then you don’t need just a PHY. You need an MAC+PHY instead. A PHY converts (R)GMII into MDI for RJ45, but you need the controller part as well.
You have basically these choices:

  • Intel: i350 Dual or Quad GB Ethernet MAC+PHY
  • Intel i210/i211 Single GB Ethernet MAC+PHY
  • Intel i225/i226 Single 2.5 GB Ethernet MAC+PHY
  • Realtek RTL8111x Single GB Ethernet MAC+PHY (x is a letter A…K)
  • Realtek RTL8125B Single 2.5 GB Ethernet MAC+PHY

The Intel chips need proprietary firmware in order to work. You need to ask Intel for these firmware images and the required special programming tools, and they won’t speak to you unless you are big enough to make them $$$. The chips you buy are empty and useless without the correct firmware.
Realtek chips are not so powerful but cheaper and don’t require any firmware. The chips are usable when you buy them. Forget asking Realtek to give you datasheets or chips. They won’t talk to you unless you buy millions. At least that’s my experience with both Intel and Realtek. There are no alteratives besides them.

A solution would be M.2 controller cards. They can be bought also in small quantities, and the drivers are part of the main Linux kernel.

BTW: i219-LM is only suitable for use with specific Intel PC chipsets.


Please refer to the SCL:

Hi Trumany

I have gone through this list, but its doesn’t list the additional or alternative ethernet phy’s supported by Orin NX

That’s list of all supported devices. If the device is not in list, then it is not supported default.

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