Compatible PHY Ethernet ICs AGX ORIN

In one of the projects we are considering using an Ethernet PHY chip via RGMII. I know from experience that there can be problems with these chips, you have to modify or create steronics, etc. Is there a list of proven, tested and running chips or a list of those that cause problems?

Can you recommend the cheapest IC currently in production that supports 1Gb speeds?

I found a list of chips with drivers in JetPack. Many of them are outdated and long out of production. Is there any more up-to-date list of this type for new solutions?

Hi, please refer to the SCL for that. Jetson AGX Orin Series Supported Component List

Sorry but the document you provided is useless. It is there one component at a time, there are no alternatives.
The ETH chip supports 10G, which I don’t need, plus it’s not available in major stores like DigiKey.

If there are no official documents then how about at least creating a thread an forum with such information from users?

There is no alternatives tested. We are not able to guarantee you what would work or not work here.

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