Can I profile CPU utilization in Docker?

I tried to profile tacotron2 ( inference by Nsight Systems (latest version).

However, I cannot profile CPU utilization in Docker. By comparison, I can get the information outside of Docker.

The profiled qdrep file is here:

Your qdrep shows several errors, the first of which is:

“Collection of IP samples, backtraces, and scheduling data disabled. Ubuntu distribution requires kernel version 4.3.0-0 or later. Detected kernel version is 3.10.0-862.”

What is the OS running inside and outside your Docker?

In a Docker, when a system’s host utilizes a kernel older than v4.3, it is not possible for NVIDIA Nsight Systems to collect sampling data unless both the host and Docker are running a RHEL or CentOS operating system utilizing kernel version 3.10.1-693 or newer. A user override for this will be made available in a future version.