Profiling Tesla K80 with CC3.7 on Linux

I tried to use Nsight Compute 2022.1.0.0 to profile an application on a Tesla K80 with CC 3.7 on Linux. Unfortunately ncu says “Profiling is not supported on this device”.

Is there a software version available for download that supports my card?
How can I find out which Nsight version supports which CC?

You can use Nvprof, which has more clear and readable metrics.

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I gave it a try and it works fine, thank you!

The analyzer data is helpful but I hoped there would be more details available. E.g. nvvp shows me theoretical occupancy but not the achieved occupancy.

Also there seems to be no way to analyze kernels on code level so I can’t find out how much run time single code lines, loops or each sub-functions consume.

And I could not find a way to quantify divergence of my kernels (which would be very important for me).

Is there a way to make such deeper profiles?