Profiling for 7.5

It seems that profiling via nvprof is not possible with CC 7.5. Right?

======== Warning: Skipping profiling on device 0 since profiling is not supported on devices with compute capability greater than 7.2

Isn’t there any workaround for that? Is there any reason for such disability?

Use nsight systems and nsight compute

Wasn’t possible for nvidia to grow nvprof for newer devices? Following metrics aren’t present in nsight [1].


And that is really bad…
Am I right? or there are some other things that can help?


The new tools are intended to be a replacement for nvprof. I won’t be able to comment on what is possible or what isn’t possible.

Yes, its correct that various metrics on the previous tools are not available currently on the new tools. It may be possible to come up with a combination of other metrics that give you similar information, and/or you can file a bug to express your desires.

If you have specific questions about nsight compute, you may wish to ask those on the nsight compute forum: