Can I remove UART lines from M.2 Key E slot?

Hi, I’m an embedded systems engineer and I’m designing my own carrier board. I intend to use the Jetson Nano module for product integration and use the Wireless AC-8265 WiFi/BT card on my M.2 slot.

I wish to utilize the UART0 on M.2 key E elsewhere, I intend to use the Wi-Fi functionality only. Can I remove the UART lines and use them for some other purpose? Kindly elaborate the consequences if I do.

Sure, you can make custom design for that.

This is how I’m designing the M2 part, I have removed the UART lines and I am utilizing the UART lines for my own purpose. Will there be a problem with my WiFi? since I have removed the UART lines.

Should be OK if your M.2 device has no request on UART.

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