Can't use UART0

We have developed a custom board where we use the UART0 to talk to an MCU and I was under the impression that it would be directly usable but I can’t use the UART0 using pyserial. From what i know, ttyS0 is the main debug serial port(UART2).
So which is the device node for UART0? What changes should i do to the dtb so I can send UART data from my MCU(STM32F765) to UART0 so I can read it on Nano?
Is there any sample code to test the UART0? Thanks

hello arvindprksh,

please access Jetson Nano Pinmux through download center, you should found that UART0 signaling coming from M.2
please also refer to Nano J41 Header Pinout which specify UART2.

I was able to access the UART0 by accessing the /dev/ttyTHS2 device node.It was already pinmuxed as UART.I just had to check all of /dev/ttyS* and /dev/ttyTHS* to find which device node corresponds to UART0. It would be nice if this information is available on some guide or any forum thread( So it could help others looking for it). Thanks for your support.