UART on Jetson Nano. ttyTSH2

what pins should I connect to to be able to use ttyTSH2. I am able to use ttyTSH1 when connected to pin 8 and 10 of J41.

It’s pin3 and pin4 of optional connector J50 as you can see in the schematic.

the Jetson nano dev kit does not have J50 connetor. How do I test the ttyTSH2 on the Jatson Nano dev kit and how do I get access the the pins for this uart device.

What’s your board version? If it is A02, then the pin 4 and 5 of J44 are UART1_RX and TX, if it is B01, then the pin 3 and pin 4 of J50 (only pads on board).

my board version is A02. what nano pins the uarts are using? and which Nono pins in reference design I need to use for software driver ttyTSH1 and ttyTSH2.
my understanding is as follow:
UART0 uses Tx=203, Rx=205
UART1 uses Tx=99, Rx=101
UART2 uses Tx=236, Rx=238

I am using dev kit board A02
what jumpers and pins I need to test for UART0, UART1, UART2

It seems that module pins 236 and 238 are used for the debug UART2 and uses /dev/ttyS0.
and module pins 203 and 205 are used for the debug UART0 and uses /dev/ttyTHS1.

what I need now to to verify that UART1 uses module pins 99 and 101 and uses /dev/ttyTHs2. where can I access these pins on Jatson Nano rev A02 .
thanks for your help.

UART1 is routed to pin32 (TX), pin22 (RX) of M.2 Key E connector (J18).