Can I update the built-in Python to 3.8 or later version?

I’m currently tackling a project where I intend to utilize the shared_memory feature in multiprocessing, a feature introduced in Python 3.8.
I am curious whether updating the built-in Python version within the “issac-sim” conda environment could potentially lead to any critical issues.

Hi @user15623 - The Python version used in the Isaac Sim conda environment is carefully selected to ensure compatibility with all the libraries and dependencies that Isaac Sim requires. Upgrading the Python version could potentially lead to compatibility issues or unexpected behavior.

However, if you need to use a feature that’s only available in a newer version of Python, you could try creating a separate conda environment with that Python version and install the necessary packages there. You can then run your specific Python script that requires shared_memory feature in multiprocessing in this separate environment.

Please note that this separate environment won’t have access to the Isaac Sim libraries and functionalities. If you need to use Isaac Sim functionalities along with the shared_memory feature in multiprocessing, you might need to find a workaround that’s compatible with the Python version used in the Isaac Sim environment.

On the side note, there is a new Isaac Sim release coming end of this month, which supports python 3.10

Hi @user15623. I had a very similar issue, in which Isaac’s python 3.7 requirement was causing some incompatibility issues with other python code of mine and I solved the issue by having completely separate scripts and by communicating between them with multiprocessing tools. Given that multiprocessing introduces the shared memory feature from 3.8 onward, I went posix_ipc library. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the great news! I believe that the update must be as great as the previous ones.

Thank you for sharing your solution, I think it is a great solution to my problem now, and I am going to implement it now.

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