Can I use nvcamerasrc and omxh264enc plugins on my compiled new version gstreamer(1.14.0)?

I want to use new version gstreamer which support gstwebrtc plugin, and I compiled this version successfully on the TX2 board.

but I also want to use the “nvcamerasrc” and “omxh264enc” plugins which supported by old gstreamer which already installed on the board by default.

I don’t know if this possible, and how?

thanks in advance!


Hi Bingnan, we’re still testing/developing the plugins internally for GStreamer 1.14.0, it’s not yet officially supported yet at this time.

Note that the sources for the codec plugins are provided here, if you had wanted to try your own workarounds.

Thanks Dustin!

and if I don’t use gstreamer plugins(nvcamerasrc, omxh264enc) , is there any other way to use the CSI camera and encode the video with GPU? using the Multimedia API: libargus?


check out the argus_camera application. it is provided with full source code demonstrating encoding and the use of multiple sensors. It is in the argus directory of the mmapi

OK, thanks! if the gstreamer method didn’t work, I will check that libargus documents and code.