Can I use the Jetson Xavier NX without the wifi module?

It looks like if I removed the wifi module and the board surrounding antenna then the Jetson Xavier NX will fit in a nano enclosure, such as the kksb enclosure. As I’m not intending to use the NX with wifi this is very desirable.

It is possible to remove this module and antenna? Will there be any problems and are there any steps I would also have to do to make this work?

Kim Hendrikse
The Netherlands

While I’m asking. Would it be correct that jumper usage of the Xavier NX when installing in an enclosure is the same as the Nano? i.e. I would use the same jumpers that I currently use on the nano to allow power from the Barrel jack? (Actually, I think that’s the only jumper I usually need to set).

I’m hoping to test this weekend with yolov4. I have a nice security application that I’m working hard on to open source this year for preventative burglary detection :-) It’s been running with yolov3 on test sites on the nano for about a year now.

It looks like things are pretty much the same as for the nano if I remove the wifi but it would be nice to be sure so I don’t damage anything :-)

The “front panel” header is the same as the Nano B01 but there is no jumper for selecting power source. It’s always the barrel jack.

Removing the plastic adapter place is easy. Just remove the wifi module and 4 screws. Nothing to it.

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Great, thanks!

Hi, quick question. Are the Wifi antennas removable from the plastic base? I pulled at them with my fingers but they didn’t move at all and I’m afraid of breaking them.

Mine came off fibe. With screws.

K haven’t powered it up yet. This weekend. I’m told it’s trivial so it should be fine.

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Actually, I read your question wrongly. I didn’t pull the wires off the plastic base, I removed the entire base and wifi module. I needed to remove the base to fit in the enclosure I had and never use wifi anyway as my app reads a lot of camera streams over the network so I always use ethernet.