can nvidia expand nvcamerasrc to support grey8 format ?

We have a custom designed board(tx2,jetPack3.3).
We use gstreamer pipeline to capture picture.
But some times we get this error: error.txt

We try to use v4l2-ctrl tools or code(v4l2) to capture picture,It’s ok.
We try to use videotestsrc at the pipeline,instead of v4l2src ,It’s ok.
It seems for tx2,nvcamerasrc is a more better choice than v4l2src .
But nvcamerasrc can only support I420,NV12,UYVY.Output of our camera is raw data,format is grey8.

so, can nvidia expand nvcamerasrc to support grey8 format ?

If not,How could we expand it ?

error.txt (3.13 KB)

hello XuXiang,

  1. FYI, nvcamerasrc has been deprecated, we replace it with nvarguscamerasrc now.
    you might refer to Jetson TX2 Package Manifest for details.

  2. there still no solid plans to support grey8 format, you could also check similar discussion threads,
    for example, Topic 1035547, and Topic 1015837. thanks