Can Stable Diffusion run on lower tensorrt version(like 7.2.3) and lower driver?


We got some server with different Nvidia graphics card like M40、T4、V100, but with low nvida cuda driver (like: Driver Version: 455.32.00 CUDA Version: 11.1)

I already test my code from [TensorRT demo Diffusion] ( on own 3090,with tensorrt 8.6.1.

I wonder if we can run it on lower version (tensorrt and its driver), if not, we will need to upgrade these machines’ driver.

I have tested trtexec on tensorrt 7.2.3, here are some log of it. Are there some ops that are not supported in lower version?

[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ImporterContext.hpp:120: Registering tensor: /Gather_output_0 for ONNX tensor: /Gather_output_0
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:179: /Gather [Gather] outputs: [/Gather_output_0 -> ()], 
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:103: Parsing node: /Constant_1 [Constant]
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:125: /Constant_1 [Constant] inputs: 
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:179: /Constant_1 [Constant] outputs: [/Constant_1_output_0 -> (1)], 
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:103: Parsing node: /Unsqueeze [Unsqueeze]
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:119: Searching for input: /Gather_output_0
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:119: Searching for input: /Constant_1_output_0
[11/10/2023-16:30:45] [V] [TRT] ModelImporter.cpp:125: /Unsqueeze [Unsqueeze] inputs: [/Gather_output_0 -> ()], [/Constant_1_output_0 -> (1)], 
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
  what():  Attribute not found: axes

Hi @Bing00000 ,
For the unsupported ops, we recommend to implement custom plugin to support that operation.

However this is always recommended to use the latest TRT version to get better results.


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