Can tensorflow1.15.4 be supported on python3.7 with Jetpack version in 4.5

I need to code with Multiprocessing.Process.close,but python3.6 can not run this function.I can only code on python3.7 or higher version. Sadly I can’t install tensorflow==1.15.4 or others versionof tensorflow with Jetpack 4.5 on python 3.7.
I tried to follow the Installing Documentation
“pip3 install --extra-index-url Index of /compute/redist/jp/v45 tensorflow==1.15.4”
but failed with error like " No matching distribution"
then I check the source,only cp36 can be supported.
Can I get any help so that I can install Tensorflow1.15 on python3.7?
Thanks a lot.


Our prebuilt package only supports the default python version, which is v3.6 on JetPack 4.5.
For other Python versions, please build it from the source.

Below is a sample script for your reference:


Hi,thank you for replying. I am not sure if 1.15.0 can support the python project, i will try in few days.

To sovle the conflict between Multiprocessing and Tensorflow I need code on python with higher version like v3.7,v3.8, and I noticed Jetpack 5.0 can support python version 3.8 to install tensorflow1.15 that Nvidia prebuilt. So I wondering if I can upgrade to jetpack5.0 on my Jetson Xavier NX so I can run the code with tensorflow 1.15 and multiprocessing.Process.close;

Thank you.

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