Can TX2 support x4 lane PCIE endpoint device, like a x4 lane PCIE video grabber

hi all,
i would like to know, whether NVidia provides software support for x4 lane “endpoint-PCIE-device”

e.g., if i have a x4 lane video card or video grabber,

and i insert that card into TX2’s x4 lane PCIE slot,

then, i will naturally expect:

I. The newly installed hardware (x4 lane video card or x4 lane video grabber) works fine

II. The Ubuntu system that runs on TX2 platform should recognize that the newly installed hardware has x4 lane width

The OEM design guide says that TX2 support x1 lane width (for its x4 lane slot) by default,
if so, how can i modify the source to add the support of x4 lane capability

A. Shall I modify the UBOOT or platform driver, where to modify them ?
B. Does NVidia provide any pertinent docs as “driver modification” directions ? where to download ?

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If I’m not wrong, PCIe end point should come up as a x4 device (you can confirm this from ‘sudo lspci -vv’ output). Isn’t that the case in your scenario?