Does tx2 support config 4 (USB*3 + PCIE*2 + SATA) and config 6 (USB*2 + PCIE*3 + SATA)

I am doing a feasibility assessment and we have a module support SATA & PCIE function.
I noticed USB Lane Mapping table of PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE, but I have two questions must to ask.

  1. Can we use config 4 and config 6? If it is possible, how to set the ODMDATA?

  2. Can we use a GPIO ex:GPIO15 to switch between two config ex: config 4 and config 6?
    GPIO15 pull low -> select config 4
    GPIO15 pull high -> select config 6

Hi wellens,
It is not supported. Lanes are configured to PCIe/USB3/SATA per ODMDATA at booting.

Dear DaneLLL,
This answer is very clear!

Thank you very much and have a good day!

Hi DaneLLL,

Does Tx2 support config 4 or config 6 separately?
If yes, would you share the ODMDATA?

Thank you,

Please check
and adaptation guide for modifying device tree.

Hi DnaeLLL,

Thank you for your prompt support.
We will study it.


Hi Dane,
Is there any reference device tree modification for config 4?

Please refer to this wiki for config #3 and it differs only pcie#0_0 with #4.