How to change USB 3.0, PCIe & SATA Lane Mapping Configurations

I am in China;
I want to know how to change USB 3.0, PCIe & SATA Lane Mapping Configurations?
In this document “Jetson TX2_TX2i_OEM_Product_Design_Guide_20180618”, page 24, Table 15. Describes that TX2 supports configuration #1 and #2 in the released software by default. Now I want to configure the TX2 module to #3, what should I do. I learned in another document, “Platform adaption and bringup guide”, that this work needs to change the device tree and recompile the kernel, then how should I solve this problem step by step.
Is there another document?

Hope to reply, thank you!

The default developer board cannot run config #3. You need to make your own board by referring to oem design guide.

SW guidance is in adaptation guide.

Thank you!
1, I know that the demo board does not support #3 configuration, our company is redesigning the configuration of matching #3.
2. Is there a link to the TX2 released software image for system recovery?
3. Is the latest release of TX2 the L4T Jetson TX2 Driver Package 28.2.1?

The latest L4T for a TX2 is R28.2.1. I think there is an image somewhere for factory, but I’m not sure where it is.

@linuxdev Thank you! I will try…