How to change configuration #3 in JetPack4.2


Our custom board uses the TX2 series TX2 and TX2i, USB and PCIe have changed, so change the default configuration to configuration 3.
How to change TX2 and TX2i to configuration 3 in JetPack4.2?


Please read the TX2 adaptation guide and below page. (this page is based on rel-28)

Please also refer to this post


I followed the instructions given by you, but found some differences between TX2 and TX2i. For JetPack 4.2, how should TX2i be set to configuration #3 ?


Not sure what kind of difference did you see. If you disable plugin-manager as the elinux page tells. Then tx2/tx2i should be same.

Thank you for your support, I successfully set TX2i to configuration #3