Can we ignore Embedded Data Lines in VI5 even when the sensor outputs it?

Hi NVIDIA, we have following questions regarding EBD setup in VI5:

  1. If we don’t use the Tegracam framework and the sensor outputs embedded data lines, is there a way to ask VI5 to just ignore them? Currently with embedded_metadata_height=0 as default, VI5 believes that the first package (the embedded data package) is a wrong pixel data package since its data type doesn’t match the pixel data type, which results in CHANSEL_NOMATCH error. Is it possible for VI5 to just ignore packages that don’t contain the pixel data type?

  2. If we assign the the correct EBD height to the embedded_metadata_height, we still have problems: among the EBD lines output by sensor, some of them have 0x13 instead of the standard 0x12 in the header, and the ones with 0x13 are not accepted by VI5 (CHANSEL_NOMATCH error). Is there a way to add 0x13 to the EBD data type in VI5?

Thank you very much!

  1. Current implement can’t ignore it.
  2. Only support embedded data line in Header.

@ShaneCCC: Thank you for your reply. But regarding point 2: I believe I didn’t explain our issue well. Please see the screenshot of the sensor’s output frame format. All embedded lines are transfer before the pixel data. Only the first embedded line has data type of 0x12, the other three lines have data type of 0x13. VI5 is able to recognize & receive the line with 0x12, but not the other three lines with 0x13. What can we change in the source code, so that VI5 can also accept embedded data lines with 0x13 data type?