Can VI parse embedded header/footer seperately?

I’m using Jetson AGX Xavier and I am enabling a sensor. Embedded data of this sensor is consist of two embedded header lines and one embedded footer line. However, when I read TRM and kernel source codes, there is no mention about embedded header/footer. They are just saying ‘embedded data’.
When I put 2 in embedded_metadata_width in device tree, I can see image from the sensor but its fps is abnormally dropped to about 1. When I put 3 in embedded_metadata_width, I can’t see the image.

In the trace of VI, I can see CHANSEL_NOMATCH in both cases.

In my case, can VI parse embedded header/footer separately?
If so, what is the correct value of embedded_metadata_height?

Sorry, only support embedded data in header now.

Thank you for your quick response.

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