How to get embedded data located after the frame?


I am using a camera that provided embedded metadata after and before the active pixel area

At the top, 4 data rows, 18 VB rows, then image data.
At the bottom, Bottom of the image, then 17 VB rows then 4 statistics rows.

I think if I set embedded_metadata_height = "4"; I should get the 4 data rows located before the frame.

The Xavier AGX can get the statistics rows located after the frame? maybe applying a patch.


hello ManuelLeiva,

it’s not supported. we only support embedded metadata before active pixels.
may I know what’s the actual use-case? what’s the difference between those head/tail embedded metadata.

Hi JerryChang

The camera provided 2 types of embedded data, then each section has different information:

  • Embedded data: This includes all register settings used to capture the current frame
  • Embedded Statistics: contains identifiers and histogram information of the image in the frame.

The embedded data is located before the frame and the embedded statistics are located after the frame.

Question: Can the metadata be extracted by changing the code? or is it a limitation in the hardware?