Can we intall CUDA & nvcc via conda-package with setting "CUDA_HOME" environment variable?

Hi, guys!
We hope to install CUDA including nvcc via conda, with setting “CUDA_HOME” environment variable.
So, is there such a conda package?

Your answer and guidance will be appreciated!

There is no way to install the GPU driver via conda, that I know of. Also, when I last looked, the CUDA packages on conda do not contain everything that the CUDA toolkit includes, for example nvcc. It may be that things have changed or that there are other conda packages that include more things.

These commands will result in an environment with CUDA and nvcc:

conda create -n cuda-dev
conda activate cuda-dev
conda install cuda -c nvidia

This will get you CUDA, nvcc, cublas, etc., but not cudnn, for some reason. I posted to this forum about that, but haven’t gotten a response. Of course name the environment whatever.