Can we use A * algorithm in Jetson Xavier nx?

I am having Jetson Xavier nx. Can I use A * algorithm in Jetson Xavier nx?

We want to use the A * algorithm for pathplanning in drone. So I want to know that whether A * algorithm is supported in Jetson Xavier nx or not?

Please let me know as soon as possible.

This seems not a platform related problem. You should search for some public library.

To run the a-star algorithm on a Jetson Xavier, you have to use an implementation written in Haskell, and installed using a version of Cabal newer than 3.3. I recommend the Glasgow Haskell Compiler version 8.2 or newer.

Actually, that’s a joke. The A-star algorithm is just an algorithm. The Xavier is a general-purpose computer, which can run any algorithm in any language you can compile for it, which is pretty much every programming language supported by Ubuntu 18.04. (Except for x86/64 assembly – it instead uses arm64 assembly.)


Thank you so much

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