Can you provide a repository for the latest NVidia drivers on Ubuntu


Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions in use and a lot of companies, such as Valve, are targeting this. However, getting the latest NVidia drivers on Ubuntu is a pain as Canonical only provide two older driver branches and there are a few PPAs available but those have their issues as well.

Would you be able to provide a repository for the NVidia drivers that will update to the next version when it is available much like the one you provide for OpenSuSe?

I too, asked for this.
It would make everyones life so much easyer.

Have you seen It has only the Nvidia drivers so it shouldn’t suffer from the same instability problems that Xorg Crack Pushers sometimes does.

See previous thread.

I think you should be pooling your collective brains, to package nvidia successfully. It’s not Nvidia’s job to support 100+ distros.

It would be better for you to be asking questions on how to improve your nvidia packages ;)

What kind of issues? Never used Ubuntu and PPAs, so I’m curious.

In the end the only thing you have to do to successfully package the driver is to compile it against the linux-headers package of the distro and extract all the files according the file system hierarchy of that distro. It’s pretty trivial so I’m not sure how NVIDIA could do it better.

Since Ubuntu never ships bleeding edge kernels those PPAs also will never have to carry any patches which makes it even easier. NVIDIA is pretty good at staying compatible with the latest kernel nowdays. Building a new package, when a new driver comes out should for the most part only require bumping a version number in a build script. All the paths to download the driver file from NVIDIA to extract it should by dynamic anyway.

really never had any problems with xorg:edgers ppa. actually it solved some. and btw you can always selectively install only the nvidia packets and nothing else.

Shouldn’t you be complaining to canonical instead ?

If other distros devs can package the latest and beta nvidia drivers to their repositories, canonical can do so as well, it’s just a matter of being less lazy and opting for less stable packages.

The only downside of repository drivers is that SLI doesn’t work with those, but I guess you don’t use SLI anyway.