Cannot access INA3211 power monitor on production module


I’ve compiled from source L4T 32.7.2 for a production Jetson Nano module on a custom carrier board. For I2C, I only make use of I2C0 and and I2C1 and have disabled all others from the pinmux spreadsheet.
Following this guide from the documentation I have the entry /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x/ but it does not contain 6-0040 or similar so I cannot read from the INA3211.
Where have I gone wrong?

hello cores4days,

it use I2C addresses: 0x40 - 0x43, please check you’re modifications to them.
besides, please check you’ve iio device under below sysfs. i.e. /sys/bus/iio/devices/

Hi Jerry,

I’ve made no modifications in the device tree to anything relating to address 0x40 - 0x43 if that’s what you mean. I do have a device connected on bus i2c-0 but I could not find any details to which bus the INA3211 is on.
/sys/bus/iio/devices/ contains 0 entries

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Solution was to keep all I2C interfaces enabled in the pinmux spreadsheet. With only I2C0 and I2C1 enabled, dmesg was frequently giving I2C errors as it couldn’t talk to the on-module INA3211 and EEPROM.

Perhaps in the future the pinmux spreadsheets could warn about this in the description for those I2C pins.

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