Cannot connect to license server system

I have been using PGI with FlexLM for a while now, with no problems. However, when I started my machine this morning and tried to start lmgrd it doesn’t work. When I do ./lmutil lmstat, I get the following output:

lmgrd is not running: Cannot connect to license server system. (-15,570:115 “Operation now in progress”)

Something has obviously changed on my system since I last used PGI, but I have no idea what. Does anyone have any ideas what I can try?


I can help. I am assuming this is a linux system.

First make sure lmgrd is running and pgroupd is not (ie - not stuck).

% ps ax | grep lmgrd

% ps ax | grep pgroupd

If pgroupd is running, kill the process.

Send the following output dialogs to,
along with your license file and flexlm.log.

  1. lmutil lmhostid ! there may be more than one 12-digit hostid
  2. lmutil lmhostid -hostname
    output will be ‘HOSTNAME=xxxxxx’- so xxxxx is the hostname
  3. lmutil lmhostid -internet
  4. cat /etc/hosts
  5. /sbin/ifconfig
  6. ping xxxxx ! xxxxx is the hostname from (2)
  7. lmutil lmdiag
    Hit a couple of times, the out, and send the output.

and the flexlm.log file, along with your license file (the one pointed
to by ‘lmutil lmdiag’)