Cannot download Audio2Face - No error - Download broken [Help!]

Hello, I have a PC with an RTX 3080 (20GB VRAM), 32GB RAM, 11th Gen i9, and a 2TB SSD (mentioning this as It is not a hardware issue, I have ran Audio2Face on much worse before).

Every time i go to download an app on omniverse (I’m trying to download Audio2Face) It gets to a ‘point’ and then just stops. and will not progress further. There is no error message, the download just stops and wont progress, if i restart the app, sometimes it continues, sometimes it restarts from the first stage again.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled gpu drivers, wiped all omniverse apps with their removal tool and deleted directories. I have enough free space on my PC, and I have stable internet, firewall has been triple checked and turned OFF for testing, why is this happening? how can i fix this?

Example 1

Example 2

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Swapped my ethernet cable, somehow fixed issue…

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