cannot launch camera of driveworks-0.6 with exception "DW_CANNOT_CREATE_OBJECT"

Hi. I’m Hyejin.

After I failed to detect car or pedestrian with driveworks-0.6, I just decided I use 0.6, because I expect that problem could be fixed.

So I tried reinstall driveworks-0.6 on Drive-PX2, so I checked most samples are run well except drivenetNcamera.
And I install some library for simple screen recorder, then I found the camera function of all sample programs cannot run anymore.

I installed these libraries.

nvidia@nvidia:~/ssr$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
nvidia@nvidia:~/ssr$ sudo apt-get install libavcodec-dev
nvidia@nvidia:~/ssr$ sudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev

sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config qt4-qmake libqt4-dev libavformat-dev
libavcodec-dev libavutil-dev libswscale-dev libasound2-dev libpulse-dev libjack-jackd2-dev
libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libx11-dev libxfixes-dev libxext-dev libxi-dev

And here are the error messages from “sample_camera_gmsl”

Camera image with 1920x1208 at 30 FPS
nvmEglStProducerCreateCommon: Entered
NvMediaEglStreamWrapperInitializeEgl: Cannot find function NvEglApiGetAccess
nvmEglStProducerCreateCommon:Wrapper initialization failed
NvMediaEglStreamProducerCreate: Failed to Create Producer
StreamProducerNvMediaImage: could not create NvMedia Image stream producer!
Driveworks exception thrown: DW_CANNOT_CREATE_OBJECT: could not create NvMedia Image stream producer

Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: Cannot cast handle, given instance is a nullptr

Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: Cannot cast handle, given instance is a nullptr

Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: Cannot cast handle, given instance is a nullptr

Even though I will reinstall Drive-PX2 again becausue I need recording test on this Monday,
I want some Expert let me know what was happened on my Drive-PX2 camera samples.

same problem here, how did you solve it?

Dear WZhouuuu,
Can you check if this exists after flashing Drive 5.0.5a(feb release)

it just happened after I flashed PX2 with latest DriveInstall 5.0.5

Dear WZhouuuu,
I don’t see any problem with sample_camera_gmsl on my PX2 flashed with Drive5.0.5a. However can you check if setting the paths helps as discussed in

If this does not help, Can you file a bug for this symptom and post ID here.
Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug.

Dear WZhouuuu,

Recently, we’ve updated NVIDIA DRIVE (April 2, 2018).
So could you please update DPX2 SDK and check it again? Thanks.

I updated to The camera was working at the beginning. But after I installed ROS, this error appeared again. Wondering why ROS would be the case?

Dear WZho776,
Similar issue is addressed at

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

Thank you for your reply. Running sample as root did solve the problem. Also I found if I ssh to PX2, and run command DISPLAY=:0 ./sample_camera_gmsl --camera-type=ar0231, it also works, except giving an error:“TimeSource: PTP ioctl returned error. Synchronized time will not be available.
TimeSource: Could not detect valid PTP time source at ‘eth0’. Fallback to CLOCK_MONOTONIC.”

Is there any other way to work around it? Thanks!

I kept forgetting export library step… so in ~/.bashrc file, I added:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/cuda-9.0/lib:/usr/local/cuda-9.0/lib64:/usr/lib:/usr/local/cuda/targets/aarch64-linux/lib:/usr/local/cuda-9.0/lib:/usr/local/cuda-9.0/lib64:/usr/lib:/usr/local/cuda/targets/aarch64-linux/lib: now it’s working…

Dear WZhouuuu,

Please refer to below link for time sync. Thanks.