SW9.0, GMSL camera sample fails to run

Hello, any info on this issue?

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ ./sample_camera_gmsl 
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Platform: Detected DDPX - Tegra A
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Initialize DriveWorks SDK v2.0.2081
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Release build with GNU 4.9.4 from heads/buildbrain-branch-0-g36b127f against Drive PDK v5.1.0.2
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] TimeSource: monotonic epoch time offset is 1561544685326673
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] PTP Time is available from NVPPS Driver
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Platform: number of GPU devices detected 1
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Platform: currently selected GPU device integrated ID 0
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] SDK: Resource failed to mount from '../data/': VirtualFileSystem: Failed to mount '../data/[.pak]'
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] SDK: Resources mounted from /usr/local/driveworks-2.0/data/
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] SDK: Create NvMediaDevice
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] SDK: use EGL display as provided
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Initialize DriveWorks VisualizationSDK v2.0.2081
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] Initialize DriveWorksGL SDK v2.0.2081
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] SensorFactory::createSensor() -> camera.gmsl, output-format=yuv,fifo-size=3,isp-mode=yuv420-uint8,camera-type=ar0231-rccb-bae-sf3324,camera-group=a,slave=0
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] CameraGMSL: Create NvMediaIPPManager
[26-06-2019 15:25:00] CameraGMSL: required FPS = 30, resolution = 1920x1208
nvmedia isc: IscPwrCtrlInit: 939: Camera power control library: NVCCP
Max96712 Rev 2 detected!
MAX96712: Enable periodic AEQ on Link 0
MAX96705: Pre-emphasis set to 0xaa
Sensor AR0231 RCCB Rev7 detected!
(NvCapture) Error IoctlFailed: capture setup ioctl failed: 5 (in /dvs/git/dirty/git-master_linux/camera/capture/nvcapture/capture_hw_linux.c, function NvCaptureLinuxChannelOpen(), line 157)
(NvCapture) Error IoctlFailed:  (propagating from /dvs/git/dirty/git-master_linux/camera/capture/nvcapture/capture.c, function NvCaptureChannelHwBackendOpen(), line 1169)
(NvCapture) Error IoctlFailed:  (propagating from /dvs/git/dirty/git-master_linux/camera/capture/nvcapture/capture.c, function NvCaptureChannelSetAttribute(), line 1241)
SetSourceSequence: failed to set channel source attribute
ICPCreate: captureCreate failed
CreateGroup: failed for create ICP instance 0
[IppIcpExComponentCreateNew:634] Failed to create ICP
[NvMediaIPPComponentCreateNew:806] Failed to create NVMEDIA_IPP_COMPONENT_ICP_EX component
[26-06-2019 15:25:07] Driveworks exception thrown: DW_NVMEDIA_ERROR: CameraGMSL: Cannot setup pipeline : 7

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  [2019-06-26 15:25:07] DW Error DW_NVMEDIA_ERROR executing DW function:
 dwSAL_createSensor(&m_camera, params, m_sal)
 at /usr/local/driveworks/samples/src/sensors/camera/camera_gmsl/main.cpp:174
Aborted (core dumped)

Dear erik_i,

Could you please re-run the samples with sudo permission?
If not works, could you please cold reboot the DriveAGX and re-try it? Thanks.

I tried sudo as well as rebooting yesterday, however I did not try cold boot. Anyway, it was turned off over night and now it is working as expected.

Additional info: the issue occurred right after flashing the devkit, maybe it requires cold boot afterwards in order to function as correctly.


Dear erik_i,

Thank you for your update.
We will fix the symptom next release.