Cannot launch the examples for OptiX 7.0.0


I’m trying to run the examples of the OptiX SDK 7.0.0 on my Linux distribution. I use the nvidia driver 440.64 with a NVIDIA Corporation GM107GLM [Quadro M1200 Mobile]. The compilation is going well, but then, when I try to run any optix binary, I get this error message:

Caught exception: CUDA call (cudaGetDeviceCount( &device_count ) ) failed with error: ‘unknown error’ (/home/user/Optix/NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-7.0.0-linux64/SDK/optixDemandTextureAdvanced/optixDemandTexture.cpp:125)

My computer has another (integrated) gpu from Intel, but it shouldn’t matter: the X server I’m running the examples in is using the Nvidia GPU according to glxinfo.

Any idea what could be the problem?

ps: I’m using kernel 5.4.24-1-lts

Is that the only example which isn’t working or does the topic imply none of them works?

glxinfo is checking the OpenGL driver, but that error complains about a failure in a CUDA runtime function.
That it found it means the CUDA runtime library has been loaded, but that in turn requires the CUDA driver library.
Maybe if your CUDA driver is not correctly installed, this might happen. (I’m not a Linux user.)

Do native CUDA applications work on your system?
The CUDA 10.x toolkits ship with optional examples. One of them is deviceQuery which just prints out some information about all CUDA devices which are visible. If that works, OptiX 7 examples should work as well.

If that is not working, try installing the NVIDIA graphics drivers again and maybe pick newer ones.