Can't access files on an nvme ssd drive from terminal until I have accessed the drive through 'Files' in the OS

Hi Guys

I need to access some files on an nvme drive (samsung 970 plus) from terminal. I am a totally confused about why the files don’t show up in terminal initially after a reboot though…

After a fresh boot I open terminal then enter cd /media/nvidia - the ls command then shows an empty directory.

I then open ‘Files’ then click on ‘Other Locations’. I can see the m2_ssd drive there. I double click to open the drive and I can see all my files on the drive.

I then go back to terminal and type the ls command and then all my files show up just fine.

Can anyone tell me how to make them show up in terminal automatically without having to open the drive in Files in the OS first?

I really need this to work with my own application too, but i spotted the same problem was occuring with terminal, so I thought I’d solve that problem first as hopefully it is the same issue.


It seems this partition is not automounted.
You may check this (Try GUI method first).

Yeah I checked that link, it didn’t help.

Actually you were right. The link solved the problem. Thank you. Here is what I had to do:

use ‘disks’ application from ubuntu
switch user session defaults to OFF
set Mount Point to something useful - i chose /SSD - the default UUID for the drive is not that useful as a directory name…

The bit I was missing was switching off the user session defaults. I was assuming that as the UI was showing mount at startup as checked (but greyed out) that meant it would be mounted at startup, but apparently not.

Thanks for the assistance