Can't download the dt patches for Set Tx2 USB3.0 salve0 Mode

I can’t download the dt patches for Set Tx2 USB3.0 slave mode in How to set TX2 otg usb as device mode? , can you provide another patches?

The patch is for r28 releases and cannot be applied to r32 releases. Since the default board does not have USB3 OTG hardware design, we suggest design your own custom board and refer to adaptation guide for modifying device tree:

On default board, the hardware design is USB2 OTG.

We have already designed the custom board by ourselves through this document and use r28 releases.Can you provide more detailed information?

The adaptation guide is for r32. For r28, please check

And refer to product design guide:
For the USB2 OTG port, A36, B37, A17, B39, B40 pins are used. Please share which pins are used in the USB3 OTG posrt on the custom board.

Thanks for the information you provided, the above document cannot be downloaded. We want to know if we use USB3.0 OTG which parts need to be modified in the device tree?

Please check if you can acces the document from download center:

Need to know which pins are used as USB3 OTG port on your custom board, or we are not able to suggest next.