Failed to use USB on Jetson TX2


I having a problem with using the USB port on the Tx2.

USB PCIe & SATA Configuration on Custom board:

USB 2.0_0 (B39,B40) - USB2.0 OTG
USB 2.0_1 (A38,A39) - USB2.0 M.2 KEY B
USB 2.0_2 (B42,B43) - USB2.0 HUB
USB 3.0_0 (F43,F44,C43,C44) - USB3.0 Type A
USB 3.0_1 (G42,G43,D42,D43) - USB3.0 Type A
USB 3.0_2 (G39,G40,D39,D40) - USB3.0 M.2 KEY B

SATA (G45,G46,D45,D46) - SATA-7P-Connect
PEX0 (H44,H45,E44,E45) - NA
PEX1 (H41,H42,E41,E42) - MiniPCIE-1 Connect
PEX2 (F40,F41,C40,C41) - Ethernet IC

that all USB don’t work on TX2.

That SATA is work,PEX1,PEX2 don’t work.

Could this be a hardware issue on the Tx2 ?
Any help would be appreciated.

Please check the dmesg log here:dmesgCU.txt (53.5 KB)

Thank you.

You would need to refer to adaptation guide and modify device tree per USB lane mapping on the custom board:

Some examples for your reference: