Can't fetch statistics from Connectx-4


I have currently an issue while I’m trying to fetch the statistics from a Mellanox Connectx-4.

My developed kernel module, where I call some driver function for fetching some counter values, receives the following error:

mlx5_cmd_check:732:(pid 4151): SET_FLOW_TABLE_ENTRY(0x936) op_mod(0x0) failed, status bad parameter(0x3), syndrome (0x4731c4)

Could not init flow table entry.

I think there is an issue with the flow capability mode and I would appreciate, if I can get the workflow to fetch some counters from the NIC.

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Hi Namrata

we updated the firmware and the problem described by Patrick shifted, we observe a different behaviour with the updated firmware(14.24.1000).

The target is to setup a flow table entry with an additional count action.

We use the following commands:



The SET_FLOW_TABLE_ENTRY command fails (BAD_PARAM syndrome 0x30B3AF, flow counter id is reserved) when using the flow counter id which was returned by ALLOCATE_FLOW_COUNTER.

We tried count+fwd and count+drop combination (same result).

The “log_max_flow_counter” flow table capability is set to 1.

SET_HCA_CAP does not change the log_max_flow_counter.

We can query the value of log_max_flow_counter via QUERY_HCA_CAP.

We have the following questions:

  • Does the log_max_flow_counter value affect the ability to set flow counters in a flow table entry?

  • Which command do we have to use in order to increase the log_max_flow_counter?

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Hi Vincent,

Here is the link to the Programmer’s User Manual which discusses details on log_max_flow_counter



Hi Namrata,

but version 0.40 of the manual does not discuss how to set the log_max_flow_counter, does it?



Hi Patrick,

What is the command you are using to fetch the statistics?