Can't find cboot_src.tbz2

I have a problem at cboot, so I went to download the cboot source code from

When I try getting it, I get ERROR 404: Not Found.

If the source code archive has moved, could you let me know where to find it, please?

The cboot error I am trying to debug is:
[0000.177] C> Failed to update boot chain
[0000.180] C> ERROR: Highest Layer Module = 0x54, Lowest Layer Module = 0x54,
Aux Info = 0x1, Reason = 0x2

Hi gavin.lofts,

Here is the link for all current release C-Boot source packages in Jetson Download Center as your reference:

May I know where did you find the link?

Thanks kayccc!

I used the link from this doc: chapter 3.14.

Hi kayccc,

where is the c-boot source for L4T-32.2?

Is it moved from the download center?