Cant find docker image for l4t RS 32.7.2

Hi, Im using Jetson TX2 with L4t:32.7.2
I want to run docker “l4t-ml”
based on

I run : ./scripts/ all
but I get error :

Sending build context to Docker daemon 185.9kB
Step 1/26 : ARG
Step 2/26 : FROM ${BASE_IMAGE}
manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

it seems there is no image for my L4t version (7.2),

so what do I do?

also I try to pull image directly (without scripts in git):
sudo docker pull

but getting same error!
though I knew another version aren’t compatible, but I try pulling them! another version of docker image like 32.6.1, 32. 7.1 was tested and getting another bad error :

error pulling image configuration: error parsing HTTP 403 response body: invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value: "\n Access Denied < … \nYou don’t have permission to access "http&#…


I have exactly the same problem. Have you already found a solution?


Since r32.7.2 is only a minor update from r32.7.1, they share the same container.
Please update your tag to r32.7.1 and try it again.