Capture SDK 5.0 - Now available under DesignWorks

NVIDIA Capture SDK (formerly GRID SDK) enables developers to easily and efficiently capture, and optionally encode, the display content or an application’s graphics context

What’s new in Capture SDK 5.0

  • Introduction of the new interface NvFBCToDX9Vid which captures the content to a DirectX 9 buffer (Windows).
  • Diffmaps are now supported for all NvFBC interfaces on both Windows and Linux.
  • Hardware cursor grab in a separate thread with NvFBC.
  • Enabling NvFBC is now possible without triggering a mode-set through the API interface to enable NvFBC.
  • Windows 10 support for NvFBC.
  • Support for Maxwell and Kepler based GPUs
  • Support for HEVC encoding through the ToHWENC interface.

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The projects NvFBCHWEncode and NvFBCToSys fail at runtime on my machine with “Unable to load the HWEnc encoder” and “Unable to create an instance of NvFBC” respectively.

  • I have version 368.69 drivers.
  • I have enabled NvFBC using the companion application.
  • I have a GTX960 (Maxwell GM206 GPU).
  • I’m on Windows 10
  • ShadowPlay works fine on this machine.

Am I doing something wrong? Is my hardware properly supported?

If I understand correctly, the video SDK runs on GeForce, but the Capture SDK still needs a Quadro card.

Hi, I download the SDK from, but I didn’t find the Code Samples as described? Where can I find it? Thanks!

The samples for windows are under installation directory (by default c:\program files*\NVIDIA Capture SDK\Samples).

I have same issue here. NvFBCHWEncode failed with message “Unable to load the HWEnc encoder”

  • driver version 376.33
  • Geforce GT 755M
  • Windows 10

I traced down the issue to the line of NvFBCLibary.h:

res = pfn_create(&createParams);

It seems the createParams.pNvFBC is supposed to be the pointer to a NvFBC instance, but it actually is 0. Maybe GT 755M is not supported by this SDK?

Refer to the Capture SDK FAQ for supported products.

Q23) Which NVIDIA GPU products are supported by the NVIDIA
Capture SDK?

GeForce products are not supported by the Capture SDK.

I have a customer who is trying to run Citrix HDX 3Dpro on Amazon AWS G2 instances

They require a specific version of the K520 Grid drivers to work in that environment – version 335 to 340

We have this driver version but we also want to run NvFBCEnable from the GRID SDK – the new version of the SDK, now called the Capture SDK 6.0, does not support this driver version.

Is it possible to get hold of the Nvidia grid SDK version 5.0?


I change to K520, which is in the supported list, and very thing is fine.