Does NvFBC support T4 GPUs

I noticed in the release notes that it doesn’t say.

 Tesla K10
 Tesla K20X
 Tesla K40
 Tesla K80
 Tesla M4
 Tesla M40
 Tesla M6
 Tesla M60
 Tesla M10
 Tesla P4
 Tesla P6
 Tesla P40
 Tesla P100 SXM2
 Tesla P100 PCIe
 Tesla V100 SXM2
 Tesla V100 PCIe (16GB)
 Tesla V100 PCIe (32GB)
 Tesla V100 FHHL

Are they just old?

Hi suhailx0nyo,
Linux NvFBC on Ubuntu 18.04 platform that you are using is supported on T4 GPUs.
For Windows NvFBC, deprecation notice and details are available at