Hello, guy, I’m trying to use the samples from NVIDIA Capture SDK.
The function “NvFBC_CreateEx” returns -10. which is NVFBC_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM.
I enabled NVBFC, so it should be ok.
I use CUDA 8.0. Windows 10. Graphic card is GeForce GTX 860M (laptop). Driver verison is 369.30

What can cause this error? By platform it means, hardware, software or drivers?

Wait, you mean that NvFBC might not be supported even if I have Supported Hardware? But that doesn’t make any sense. In this case this Capture SDK is completely useless, isn’t it? I would like to use Capture SDK to integrate it in my program to transfer the rendered picture to the GPU memory to process it there with CUDA, so I need to use API, no?

Ah ok, thank you, friend. Will wait until NVIDIA replies. But do you know of any other method to capture the rendered images directly on videocard?