Has anyone been able to install CARLA [url][/url] on the TX2?

I can’t tell if it (or the associated tools) are supported for the TX2’s architecture:

Has anyone had success with this (or ideally a similar alternative)?

I was thinking to try it, but haven’t been able to till now.

I cannot say for Carla itself, because it depends on UnrealEngine4 from EPIC and I haven’t been able to build it. It may be possible with cross-compilation, but my host is currently OoO.

UnrealEngine4 is freely available but after an EPIC procedure, not so obvious, where you have to:

  1. Create a github account if you don’t have already one.
  2. Create an EPIC account, check your mail and validate your email address from link in received email
  3. Associate your github account with EPIC. You will receive an invitation in github and accept.

Then it will be possible to clone UnrealEngine4 sources. It mandatory to use an external storage with a lot of free space. After cloning it will take more than 2GB, but after it will download dependencies that result in more than 20GB. It is based on .net and it also installs many mono packages.

You may also have to manually edit 2 files before building:
In file Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/Platform/Linux/UEBuildLinux.cs, change the arch as follows:

// FIXME: for now switching between architectures is hard-coded
//public const string DefaultArchitecture = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu";
//public const string DefaultArchitecture = "arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf";
public const string DefaultArchitecture = "aarch64-unknown-linux-gnueabi";

In file Engine/Config/BaseEngine.ini, change as well into:

; Possible values for architecture: X86_64UnknownLinuxGnu, ArmUnknownLinuxGnueabihf, AArch64UnknownLinuxGnueabi, I686UnknownLinuxGnu

Then it asks for FBX packages. I have not been able to find a package from AutoDesk that has aarch64 binaries.

Hope you’ll be more lucky with cross-compilation.

[EDIT: This link tends to say it’s no way issue. Some binaries of FBX have been created for arm64, but it was only for iOS.
Seems UE4.6 have been used on TK1 (see bottom), maybe that version was not using FBX, no idea if Carla can work with this version.]

Hi, Honey_Patouceul

Thanks for your comments, I was hoping someone would have come across this issue before, but it may be a little niche. I think I need to investigate a little more as to what the Unreal Engine is used for with CARLA and whether I can cross compile it on a host and use it in that sense.

If I find anything helpful, I will post it here!


Any update on this?

Not retried since then, but so far I’ve only seen users failing to build natively on Jetson.
However some reported success for UE4 when cross-compiling (maybe from Windows), so this may be your better option.

Any one successfully install simulator on jet-son embedded system?