CentOS 8 + RTX2070 + Intel NUC

I’m looking for a reliable guide/how-to on installing NVidia drivers for my RTX 2070 within CentOS 8. I have gone through 3 different methods, from NVidia, RPM Fusion and others with very little success.

My end goal is to have a CentOS 8 server w/o GUI, NVidia Drivers and eventually NVidia Docker service installed.

Any help in providing a guide link or comment here is much appreciated.

The default method for rpmfusion packaged driver is to assume a x11 server.
If you have stopped the installation as soon as the X11 components are shown in the yum transaction, then you are doomed.

I would recommend to install the x11 components, but default to headless mode.
We might improve the packaging to better deal with headless/noXorg mode in the future.

Care to have this task prioritized ? https://rpmfusion.org/Contribute.

Hello, also interested in finding a reliable guide/how-to installing nvidia drivers on centos 7/8. Any updates on this or tips on links?