Change default application clocks on 840M

How can I change Default Application Clocks on a GeForce 840M using nvidia-smi or something else. I can set the application clocks using nvidia-smi -ac 405,405. Here is nvidia-smi -q

Applications Clocks
    Graphics                    : 405 MHz
    Memory                      : 405 MHz
Default Applications Clocks
    Graphics                    : 1029 MHz
    Memory                      : 800 MHz
Max Clocks
    Graphics                    : 980 MHz
    SM                          : 980 MHz
    Memory                      : 800 MHz
    Video                       : 960 MHz

I would like to underclock the GPU to get a quieter laptop while still using it for compute tasks, and would appreciate information on how to do more. I am setting max clocks using:

nvidia-settings -a GpuGraphicsClockOffset[2]=-135
nvidia-settings -a GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[2]=-320

I have application profiles setup, but I’m not sure what clocks the applications are running under. Are the application settings effective only for overclocking? Can I underclock the GPU any more than what Max Clocks shows?